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Lend A Hand

"The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings."

~ Masanobu Fukuoka, Japanese farmer and philosopher celebrated for his natural farming methods.



One way to help the animals is to actively get involved. This is a quick way to immediately contribute to the Sanctuary. The animals benefit from the presence of people that care, while their environment is being developed to meet their needs. Find out what kinds of projects are in the works and where you might be needed by scrolling down. We'd love to hear from you.

Work Exchange

The sanctuary benefits greatly from skilled labor, with every contribution going towards making the environment safer, more efficient, and more comfortable for the animals. We frequently need individuals with basic carpentry, fence building, and landscaping experience. We're not looking for perfection, just a good heart and a desire to work on a project for a fair wage. If you have a skill that would help enhance the lives of the animals, but you also require some compensation, please contact us.


A Financial Gift

Want to join our efforts but don't have the time or skills? You can show your support with a small donation. Funds are used for feed, water troughs, fencing, repairs, tools, building small structures for storage and shelter, hired labor, medical care, and veterinary bills. A financial contribution is a great way to assist us in our goal to provide the animals with the things they need. 

Ongoing and Completed Projects Beginning 2020

The Chicken Yard
(Complete. Maintenance only.)
Skills Needed: ability to use small lawnmower, bend over, pull weeds, push a wheelbarrow.

Sheep Shed Transformation
(Complete. Maintenance only.)
Skills Needed: lift a 40 lb bale of hay or bag of feed, use pitchfork, push a wheelbarrow.

Greenhouse Revival
(Complete. Maintenance and repairs.)
Skills Needed: ability to bend over, push wheel barrow, pull weeds, carry heavy bags.
Pluses: Plant knowledge and growing experience.

Farm-Help Dwelling Renovation
(Phase 1 Complete. Phase 2 Upcoming.)
Skills Needed: ability to use small tools, lawn mower, bend over, pull weeds.
Pluses: carpentry, plumbing.

Gate and Fence Repair and Additions
Skills Needed: experience installing fences & gates, ability to use tools, carry heavy & bulky supplies.
Pluses: have own truck to haul away trash.