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Adoptees and Fosters

Dogs that came into our lives and either stayed or were rehomed with loving families.

There are currently no dogs in foster care or available for adoption.



Oliver was found as a puppy in a box in an abandoned house with his 3 siblings. He was adopted on March 18, 2022. He now lives at the sanctuary and stays mostly at the house because of his size. He loves playing with his big brother Marcus, wrestling with his cat friend Cecilia, running around the greenhouse, greeting clients at the practice, going to the dog park, retrieving balls, and chewing up his toys. Because his nearly identical twin sister Pili was adopted by a friend, he is occasionally able to have playdates with her which consists of chasing each other around and digging holes in the dirt. He has a very active social life.


Kenzi was found running up Mud Lane on February 13, 2022. She was neither hungry nor in distress, but she was alone and didn't have a collar. The Animal Control officer knew her by name and had a familiar and affectionate relationship with her. Her photo was only up for less than a week before she was adopted. She was a beautiful, sweet, and gentle guest for only a couple of days, but Kenzi taught me that taking in a lost dog doesn't have to be a long-term commitment. Giving them food and shelter is sometimes all they need while we reunite them with family or help them find a new one.



Marcus was found at the entrance of the sanctuary on September 1, 2021. He was wary and shy, but hungry and determined to stay after squeezing under the gate. After an extensive search for his family - he had no collar and no microchip - he became my first dog. He loves playing with his little brother Oliver, exploring the property, going to the dog park, roughhousing with his friends, chasing the ball and leaving it anywhere, and running around large open spaces at full speed. Like all other dogs he loves snacks.


Beatrice was found with Eva on July 24, 2021 on Mud Lane. She was wet, muddy, cold, and hungry. She had no collar and no microchip. After one month of fostering, she was adopted by a lovely couple, Francine and Steve, in Ahualoa. Today she is "Bebe" and lives a charmed life on a gorgeous property with all the toys, affection, and attention a dog could wish for.

Eva 1.jpg


Eva was found with Beatrice wandering Mud Lane in the rain on July 24, 2021. She was very thin, timid, and frightened. After about a month of fostering, she was adopted by a wonderful couple, Cheryl and Chris. Today her name is "Azuki" and she is healthy, confident, and spoiled silly by people who adore her.


One of Downtown's 8 puppies, Princess was born in Austin, Texas. Together the two have traveled extensively by foot, train, and car, and to nearly every state before ending up here in Hawaii at the sanctuary in 2021. She and her mother are inseparable and continue their travels and explorations on the island, visiting beaches and taking long walks together. She loves toys and snacks.



Downtown was found wandering by the railroad tracks in Houston, Texas. She was thin, hungry, and nervous, and her first vet visit revealed she was pregnant. After caring for her throughout the pregnancy and raising her 8 puppies, each one was hand-delivered to carefully chosen families around the country. A long way from the mainland, today Downtown and her daughter Princess live at the sanctuary as beautiful, loyal, and helpful companions. She also loves toys and snacks.

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